Seccionador Cutout 150 kVBIL 100 A



Seccionador Cut Out 150 kVBIL 100 A

Specially designed to protect transformers, capacitor banks, cubicles, lines and branches.

The insulator is made of an ECR fiberglass core enveloped in a silicone rubber to give a lower weight and greater leakage distance of the porcelain commonly used .

With this arc chute , the versatility of the MAURIZIO protection equipment is enhanced, allowing on-load openings without the need of special tools for its operation.

Its characteristics are similar to a type MZ Standard Cutout, which provides protection from short-circuit and overloads that just melt the fuselink through the maximum interrupt capacity of the fuseholder.

The Loadbreak opening device enables the lineman to interrupt load current by means of a simple operation with a hookstick. To break the current, the lineman inserts a hookstick into the operating ring and rapidly opens the device.

Its operation is independent of the lineman’s operating speed for the current is transferred from the top contact of the cutout to a mechanism with a spring-loaded stainless steel blade during the opening, where the arc is elongated, cools down and extinguishes itself.

It may be applied on any three-phase system voltage rated at or below the maximum operational rating of the cutout.

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